July Avillon Times is here!
Let's have a sneak peek of what will go on Lord of Heroes in July.

History is chosen memory, Memory is life scored out.
War of the Tyrants Part 2 <Book of Strife> is coming soon.

✔️[Dark] Brandon has arrived!

“I shall have no rest in eon. That is the meaning of immortality.”

✔️ Fram's Avillon Knight Edition
The Guardian of the Front Lines will be launched!

✔️48 New Relics, Remnants of Past and Present
Relics for Zaira / Helga / Olivia / Astrid / Laphlaes / Brandon will be released!

Contents mentioned above will be available in the upcoming July updates.
Please stay tuned to the official blog and Facebook page for further details!

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- 15,000 Shares: Mystic Soulstone x 1

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