It is well known that the Fangs of the Empire are powerful, fearsome fighters. Eight out of ten people would agree that the Fangs' most unique member is Baretta. You see, Baretta does not have the ability to manipulate souls or the strength to rend the earth. No, her gift is simply that she is lucky.

However, many people can tell you what a powerful thing luck can be when life confronts you with a crossroads. It was luck that allowed Baretta to become head of the greatest assassins' guild in the world, luck that saved her from the disaster that followed, and luck that got her a recommendation by an imperial commander. All of these things and more combine to make luck Baretta's greatest skill.

And finally, when a small nation in the West started causing waves, Baretta's luck was also put into motion once again.

Check out the introduction 🎬 footage of Batetta [Here]