There were many names used to describe the young master of the Caleccia family. These names, however, were no laughing matter, as they ranged from 'energetic boy' and 'the problem child of Isola', eventually ending up as 'the legendary drop-out of the Military Academy'. Not a single member of his pompous noble family was pleased of what the boy had become. Never once did they attempt to sit down and talk with him, nor did they have a single ounce of interest in his dreams. They never even so much as dreamed that the shame of their house would become a living legend, one who succeeded in sailing to the far east and back.

After his expulsion from the Military Academy, Ricardo was left wondering about his future. His confidence knew no bounds, but the world isn't such a kind and gentle place. An unfamiliar world, new places, and people... Still, one day, someone came to recognize Ricardo's dazzling spirit and dauntless courage.

Surprisingly, life as a pirate suited Ricardo very well. He quickly climbed in rank within the Lodoss Pirates, the backbone of all pirates sanctioned by Isola. Still, the fact that he was bound to Isola left Ricardo with a dreary feeling. Finally, when he was given the chance to sail East, Ricardo took immediate action. This was the chance he had been waiting for his entire life. An adventure into the unknown, a chance to discover new things. He put his soul and heart into this adventure, and in return, his gamble bore fruit.

Thus, Ricardo's life so far was not without its ups and downs. Still, the present is always the most important time period. As impending doom encroaches upon his beloved homeland, what sort of adventure will Ricardo embark on?

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