“Spark shining in a moment is as worthy as the sun blazing forever.”

Lord of heroes released OST Part 3 - ‘Light up’ Contrasting arrangements from the previous part 1 and part 2 songs, the newly released song is based on rock music yet adds a Korean traditional music component. Also, the collaboration with the established next-generation band LUCY with their attention-catching violin and vocal added their unique sound to the song.

[Light up] includes the message that the random act of kindness all have their meanings. Regardless of how trivial they are, those add up to become something that can save someone. Even though the act was an uneventful fragment of a day, it can become the courage and hope for somebody else.

The harmony of powerful sound yet emotional melody and lyrics, and occasional violin echoes through the listener's heartstrings. The Korean traditional music components at the climax add flavor to the sound and the emotion transmitted by the silvery voice reenact the mood of the song.

Don’t despair at an unexpected catastrophe, Little hope you left on the way will shine today.

Lyrics by Nam Hye-seung, Janet Suhh
Composed by Nam Hye-seung, Jeon Jong-hyuk, Huh Suk, Lee Jae-woo
Arranged by Nam Hye-seung, Jeon Jong-hyuk, Huh suk, Lee Jae-woo
Vocal by Choi Sangyeop, Shin Gwangil
Violin by Shin Yechan
Drum by Lee Jae-woo, Jeon Jong-hyuk
Keyboard by Lee Jae-woo, Jeon Jong-hyuk
Guitar by Huh Suk
Chorus by Kim Ki-won
Vocal Recorded by Lee Kyoung-ho @CSMUSIC&Studios Session
Recorded by Jeon Seong-hyuk @Rich Sound
Mixed by Lee Geon-ho @TEAM N GENIUS
Mastered by Kwon Nam-woo @821 Sound Mastering
Vocal Directed by Nam Hye-seung, Kim Ki-won