At night, the wildlands fall into silence.
The stories of ancestors lie within the lullabies sung beneath the veil of stars and the shimmering moonlight. When children fret from not being able to sleep, the adults tell them traditional stories of past generations. One particular child loved those stories. He would always wonder if there would be a new story the next day. On long nights, he would whisper about how he would become a great storyteller in the future.

That was before the resources of the wildlands started to dwindle, before his friend left after falling into great tragedy, and before he became Great Chief in times of crisis. After going through so much, Dhurahan was left with only great responsibility, not much of his former love for stories. Dhurahan saved his people and rebuilt the Commune.

Even after he had achieved a lot, nothing changed. The burden that had been weighing on his shoulders wasn't the kind that would disappear in an instant. Still, one must put faith in time. As the days and nights pass, one day he may be able to come in touch with his past, his younger self. While it may not be a short journey, he may find his way soon.

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