Two new bosses, [Water] Johan & [Dark] Astrid has been arrived at the Primeval Halls! 🥳
And to commemorating the update, we'll be holding a special event for everyone!

Acrylic Stands of [Water] Johan & [Dark] Astrid will be given out as the winning prizes to those who shared their victory snapshot on social medias!

📢How to participate

☝ Complete 5th Floor of the 'Hall of Treasure' & 'Hall of Experience', then take a snapshot!

✌ Upload the snapshot on your social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.), then share the URL of the uploaded feed at the page link below!

Click Here to Share!

📆Event Period

- April 6th ~ April 12th, 14:59 (UTC+0)

🎁Event Reward

🎁 Winner's Prizes

💜Hall of Treasure - [Dark] Astrid Acrylic Stand (Total of 5 winners)
💙Hall of Experience - [Water] Johan Acrylic Stand (Total of 5 winners)

🎁 Participation Reward (To all participants)

💜Participants of Hall of Treasure - Gold x 100,000
💙Participants of Hall of Experience - Elixirs of Insight x 50

🔔Please Note

1. Players can participate in the Victory Snapshot Event for both of the Primeval Halls.
2. Make sure that your Lord Name and the Player ID are correctly entered.
3. Your Social Media post must be public, not 'unlisted' nor 'private'.
4. The winners will be informed separately via in-game Inbox. Stay alert or you'll miss the post!

Thank you.