To celebrate Valentine’s Day, the heroes of Avillon have brought a special gift for you!
Pick one hero out of five who is more likely to bring the gift you wanted!
(And of course, nobody knows who's got what.)
Each hero's randomly selected gift will be delivered to you when the event ended.

  1. Vanessa
  2. Dhurahan
  3. Astrid
  4. Helga
  5. Mikhail

Also, I'll be granting the tastiest Korean almond snack to 50 lucky winners!

How to participate

Go to the link below and vote for one hero out of five who is more likely to bring the gift I needed.

📆Event Schedule

Feb 12th 03:00 (UTC+0) - Feb 18th, 03:00 (UTC+0)

🎁Event Reward

1) Participation Reward: 1 random item (500 Crystals, 30,000 Renown, 5 Alchemy Tickets, 50,000 Gold, and 1 Mystic Soulstone)
2) Lucky Winners (50): Korean Almond Snack
(Allergy advice: Not suitable for nut and sesame allergy sufferers.)

🔔Please note

1. Correctly enter your Player ID and Lord Name to receive the event reward.
2. You may copy and paste the Player ID from the in-game settings > Support > Player ID.
3. The Lucky winners will be informed via in-game post individually.
4. The reward will be delivered to your inbox after the event ended.