If you were to ask anyone which of the three Arcane Towers in Lumisade produces the most inventions and scientific hypotheses, they would of course answer "the Third Tower". As archmage of said tower, Rashad was chosen for the Researcher of the Year award for his contributions to the advancement of arcane engineering and its resulting improvement of the standard of living in all Lumisade.

However, most researchers from the Third Tower itself view him with no small amount of trepidation. This is likely due to his personality; for, once he finds something of interest in someone's research, he will track down the researcher in question and ask inquiry after inquiry until he gets an answer with which he's satisfied. This can take hours.

These interrogations do lead to improvements and corrections, ultimately generating better results. However, they also often result in the researcher withdrawing their thesis or scrapping all of their work and starting again from the beginning. As such, whenever any researcher sees even a hint of Rashad's shadow, a chill immediately runs down their spine—regardless of how much they may revere him.

Nicknames around the lab for Rashad include "the Reset Button", "Mr. Reboot", and "Square One".