Greetings, Lords around the world!
This is the Development Team of Lord of Heroes.

We have discovered a critical issue over [Light] Fram’s skill, where test data of the hero has been updated instead of the actual data that should’ve been updated. To fix this issue, we’ll be performing an emergency patch.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused for all players.
Please read the below for details.

[Balance Adjustment]
- Revise [L] Fram’s skill data to 60% of the current skill figure

[Patch Schedule]
- December 16th, 13:00 (UTC+0) (Patch deployed at Dec 16, 13:07)

※ The patch will be deployed without any downtime in the server.
※ We encourage you to reboot the app to apply the patch.
※ We’ll further inform you through this announcement after deploying the data patch.

Compensation for the emergency balance patch has been sent through [Mail] at December 17th, 09:00 (UTC+0). (added on Dec 17, 09:01)

- As compensation for the emergency balance patch, any players who’ve recruited [L] Fram before the data patch will be compensated with 3 Mystic Soulstone.

※ Those players who’ve purchased [L] Fram before December 16th, 13:07 (UTC+0), we’ll be sending compensation to your in-game post as soon as we completed data verification.

We promise that we will carefully scrutinize before the release of any new content.

Thank you.