Greetings, Lords around the world!
This is GM Isola.

Thanks to Lords, you have captured more than 50K of Mystic beasts and sent them back to where they belong!

I assume many Lords are still short on hunting medals even though many Mystic beasts have been hunted down.

To help all Lords to retrieve more hunting medals, I have brought Special Chance-Up Event!

During the event period below, Mystic beast appearance rate will be increased. Don’t miss your chance to retrieve more hunting medals!

[ Event Details ]

◆ Event Period

1st Period) Oct 2nd ~ Oct 4th 20:00~22:00 (Local)
2nd Period) Oct 9th ~ Oct 11th 20:00~22:00 (Local)

◆ Event Rate : Mystic Beast appearance rate increased from Normal to High

◆ Note
- Event rate will be applied based on the LOCAL time of your account, which was set when you created your account.
- Event details are subject to change.