What lies beyond such twisted fate?
The story of the end begins.

Battleworn Admiral, [Water] Bianca has arrived!
“I am Bianca from great household of Devicci.”

Helga & Walther Summer costumes for heroes of Isola!

Joint training with mercenaries Dakkeon Joint Training Area!
Experience new formation for training!

[ Event Details ]
◆ Period : August 1st (Sun) – August 8th (Sun) 14:59:59 (UTC +0)
◆ How to participate
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◈ Rewards
- 1,000 Shares: Elixirs x30
- 3,000 Shares: Energy x6,000
- 7,000 Shares: Gold x50,000
- 10,000 Shares: Renown x50,000
- 15,000 Shares: Mystic Soulstone x1

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