Greetings, Lords
This is GM Varhya.

We inform you regarding the known issue after update completion on July 22nd (Thu).
Once fixed the issue, the notice will be updated and, able to check the most recent update times.

We will do our best to make an enjoyable game environment.

[Recent Update info]
- Upcoming Update (35.09MB) : July 22nd 11:25 (UTC+0)

[Fixed issue]
- New Packages are unavailable for purchase on iOS (8/3 06:00 UTC+0)
- The skill description of Sea God passive skill 'Calamitous Might' is displayed incorrectly. (8/3 06:00 UTC+0)

- A login error issue occurred on July/30 (Fri) due to the External security service failure. (7/23 01:00 UTC+0)
> The issue has been fixed
- A warning message will pop up and unable to receive the rewards when trying to claim the 'Feat' rewards if you have the maximum amount of 'Coliseum Token',  'Sigil of Bravery', or 'Energy. (July 22nd 11:25 UTC+0)
The issue is excluded from the list due to it does not reproduce in the current game version.
- The 14 Day Summer Vacation Event final date was displayed as the 6th of August. (July 22nd 11:25 UTC+0)
- [L] Zaira's 2nd Promotion outfit displayed in a red color (July 22nd 11:25 UTC+0)
- The 'HOT' icon is displayed issue on [Fire] Yohan in the Chronicle (July 22nd 11:25 UTC+0)
- [E] Nine and [W] Nine's Burst Skills were displayed with the same icon. (July 22nd 11:25 UTC+0)
- The issue that the button of [Bontique] and [Designer' Closet] is not working when changing [Outfits] in Unity Plaza. (7/22 Update Maintenance)
- The issue that the Hero or Accessories item is only displayed if changed to other Heroes when the status of 'Player OFF' in the Unity Plaza 'Settings' menu (7/22 Update Maintenance)

[Current known issue]
- When [Resistance] occurs during battles, a part of the displaying the words are displayed differently than previous updates. (7/29 04:35 UTC+0)
> It will be updated to be displayed as 'Resistance' as before through the update at the end of August.