Greetings, Lords around the World!
This is GM Varhya.

We are sorry for this delayed announcement about about Solphie's [birthday EXP Event] and [Birthday Grand Alchemy Event].

We have fixed the issues with Solphi's Birthday Events on 01:40 (UTC+0), June 20th, 2021,
and also extended the event duration for 1 more day.

In addition, we will compensate all Lords who have used Elixirs on Solphi (all elements)
with 30% of the Elixirs used during the time period the event wasn't taking place.
This compensation will be sent out during the maintenance scheduled for June 24th (Thu).

We are sorry for how long it has taken us to gather data on this problem.
We will do our best so that this issue never takes place again.

Thank you.