Greetings, Lords around the world!
This is GM Varhya.

Please find the update details for June 24th (Thu).

※ We will let you know the fixed date via further notice.
※ Please be aware that you cannot play the game during maintenance.
※ Please note that all screenshots have been taken from the test server and the contents could be changed.

■ New Content: Unity Plaza

- The Unity Plaza is open to up to 30 people, and is a place for Lords to enjoy meeting and communicating with other Lords.

1) Unity Plaza Entrance
- The Unity Plaza can be entered from the [Lobby].

- You can enter the Unity Plaza by selecting a [Lord] or [Hero] avatar, which can be changed freely within the Unity Plaza.
- Characters available as an avatar will pop up as a list, and can be filtered and sorted to your convenience.

2)Using the Unity Plaza
- Characters can walk or run with the lower left virtual pad.
- You can utilize the dialog UI at the lower right corner to communicate with other lords.

- Emotions/emoticons can be used by selecting the emotion expression UI at the bottom right corner.

- Zoom in and out with a screen drag to get a closer look at your character or that of other lords.

- You can change your character's costume and style items in the closet at the Unity Plaza.

3) Camera Mode
-Filter and lense modes are available through the camera UI. Make precious memories with your characters or other lords.

4) Friendly Match
- You can challenge other lords in the same Unity Plaza for a friendly match by touching them.
- Only lords who have entered the Coliseum and have organized a defense party are able to take part in a friendly match.
- How to organize Coliseum Defense: World > Coliseum > Defense party organization.
- You need to organize a separate attack party for Friendship matches, and this attack party organization will not affect your Coliseum parties.
- There is no cost or reward for friendly matches, and match results do not affect your Coliseum Score.

■ Additional New Costume & Style Items

1) Costume: Summer Outfits- Lairei Release

"I'm used to the heat, but it’s refreshing to change my style from time to time. Thank you."

- Additional types of Lairei Summer Outfit edition clothes will be added to the store/mileage store.
- Sales Date: June 24th (Thu) After update ~ September 1st  (Wed) 02:59 (UTC+0)

※ Summer Outfits will change a hero’s appearance.
※ There are two types of Outfits: Common / Limited Edition.
※ The Common Costume is available at the store, and Limited Edition is available at the mileage shop.
※ The Limited Edition is designed in a special color.

- Summer Outfits: Lairei

2) Style item: 15 additional types for Lairei only
- Additional 15 types of style items will be added for Lairei only.
- Acquired costumes and style items can be found in [Hero Information] - [Closet] (hanger icon).
※ Style items are decorative accessories that transform only a part of the hero's appearance.
※ New style items will be added to the production of costumes and exclusively for style.
- Acquisition probability has changed with the addition of a new style item.

■ New Hero [Light] Lairei: Striker 4 ★ Release

1) New Hero [Light] Lairei: Striker 4 ★ will be added

- [Light] Lairei appears in the Universe.
- [Light] Lairei can be recruited by purchasing a new hero package.

■ Shop changes: New Hero Package / Hero Gift Package / Royal Pass

1) New Hero Package: [Light] Lairei Sold
- [Light] Lairei has approached the Lord with light footsteps.
- We introduce a  'Summer Limited Special Package', different from the other hero packages!
- Product: [Light] Lairei (Striker)
- Date: June 24th (Thu) After update~ August 31st (Tue) 14:59 (UTC+0)
- Amount: USD 26.99
- Get 100 of Elixir of Insight upon recruitment.

※ The subscription cannot be withdrawn because it is effective immediately upon purchase.
※ The price is based on Google Play Store.
※ The package can be on resale and the detailed components can be changed.
※ The hero and items (currency and more) can be included in other packages and events.
※ You can acquire the rewards via your Inbox upon purchase.
※ If you did not get the package even after the purchase, please restart the app several times.

2) Hero Package: [Light] Lairei Present for Sale
- Product: Hero Present Package
- Date: June 24th (Thu) After update~ August 31st (Tue) 14:59 (UTC+0)
- Amount: USD 8.99
- This product is available for purchase after purchasing the new hero package [Light] Lairei.
- Available for purchase up to 3 times.
- A special style item will be provided when purchased all 3 times.

- Rune Select Chest can be obtained by selecting one item from the list below.
- Elements: Fire/Water/Earth/Light/Dark Elements
- Elemental Runes (High) 6 / Elemental Runes (Mid) 20 / Elemental Runes (Low) 30 / Colorless Runes (High) 20 / Colorless Runes (Mid) 30 / Colorless Runes (Low) 30
- Style Item Options: Attack power +3% / Critical Hit Rate +3% / Critical Hit Damage +3%
※ Summer Style Dhurahan cannot be obtained through Accessory Crafting or Outfit Purchases.

■ Alchemy changes

1) Alchemy – [Light] Lairei (stiker) will be added.
-Date: June 24th (Thu) After update ~ August 31st (Tue)14:49 (UTC+0)

■ New Avillon Event Update

1) Royal Pass
- Royal Pass is a system that allows you to receive pass gifts through clearing story content.
- The pass gift consists of a style item, a rune select box, renown, and elixir chests.
- Passes are divided into normal/hard passes, each with conditions to receive a gift. Conditions can be achieved with past clear info.
- Once you receive all the rewards of the normal royal pass, the hard pass will open.
- Paid Pass rewards will be sent to your mailbox once you press the Receive button.
- You cannot withdraw your purchase to a paid pass because the effects take place immediately after the purchase is finalized.

ROYAL PASS(Normal) USD 8.99 / ROYAL PASS(Hard) USD 26.99

2) Paid Passes for Purchase
- Date: June 24th (Thu) After update ~ until further notice
- Available for purchase one time only.
- Amount: ROYAL PASS(Normal) USD 8.99 /  ROYAL PASS(Hard) USD 26.99
- Purchase cannot be withdrawn due to application immediately after purchase.
- Available to purchase after clearing Normal Free/Royal Pass > Hard Free/Royal Pass.

3) Login Event - Reward Change
- Date: June 24th (Thu) After update ~ until further notice
- Receive gifts based on accumulated daily connection time!
- Your previous participation history will be reset upon the Login Event reward changes. - 21/06/24 07:30 (UTC+0) added

※ Lords who have received the Login Event rewards before the update can participate again after the update.
※ If the Login Event conditions are met but rewards aren’t collected, the Login time of the Lord will be recorded and maintained, applying said time for the updated Login event. - 21/06/24 07:30 (UTC+0) added

4) Ad Gift
- Date: July 1st (Thu) 09:00 to July 31st (Sat) 14:59 (UTC+0)
- Watch ads and get rewards!

5) Paid to Upgrade Day
- Date: July 1st (Thu) 15:00 ~ July 4th (Sun) 14:59 (UTC+0)
- Earn rewards based on the number of equipment strengthened!

6) Vie for Victory!
- Date: June 24th (Thu) After update ~ June 7th (Wed) 14:59 (UTC+0)
- Earn rewards based on the number of coliseum attack victories!

7) Obelisk Ascension
- Date : June 24th (Thu) 15:00 ~  June 27th (Sun) 14:59 (UTC+0)
- Fight battles in the Obelisk during the event and get rewards!

8) Helga’s Special Training
- Date : June 24th (Thu) After maintenance - Permanent (One-time event)

- Helga’s Training Plan

9) Mei Ling’s Special Training
- Date : June 24th (Thu) After maintenance - Permanent (One-time event)

- Mei Ling’s Training Plan

■ Other improvements and changes

1) Obelisk Season Changes
- Date: Opens at Local time basis July 1st (Thurs) 00:00 (UTC+0)
- Obelisk Season 5 will be held.
- Monster placement has been changed and a new boss has been added.
- Specific formation restrictions, which are the high-rise gold medal clear conditions, have been changed.
- The passive effect of the 5th floor "Hard" bosses will be changed.
: Immunity to status effects other than  provocation and increased cool time
- New passive effects apply to upper floor bosses.
: Burst Gauge Gain Reduction
: Burst Gauge Gain limitations

2) Improvements to Hero's Contract/Renewal pop-up
- In the event of a hero contract or renewal, Rouin - who is in charge of Avillon's administrations, will personally guide the Lords.

3) Improvals to Primeval Hall Descriptions
- Information on Primeval Hall rewards and open durations will be added.

4) Buff Event UI Renewal
- Improved to display buff events up to 7 days from the present day.
- Buff Events and Hero Birthdays of the Month are available on display.

■Bug and Error changes

1) Fixed the issue where Mei Ling’s costume had incorrect English labelling.
2) Fixed the issue where Fram’s exclusive Style Item names and icons would be incorrectly labeled.
3) Fixed the issue where Modify Hero > Filter > Acquisition Alignment aligned equally with rating order.
4) Fixed the issue where one could appoint more Alliance Members than the given limit.
5) Alliance Raid Boss: Calamitous Wrath Skill Description Modified.
- [Before] Attacks One Squad → [After] Attacks All Squads
6) Fixed the issues with the Dakkeon Royal Path 6-2 clear conditions within the Simplified Chinese setting.
7) Fixed several typos (Japanese Language Setting).