Greetings, lords
This is GM Varhya.

Please find the known issues after May 25th’s Update.

[ Known Issues ]
- When using Hero > Filter > 'Acquisition filter' function, Rank filter is applied instead
: This issue will be fixed in the next update, scheduled at end of June.
<Add content :  May 26th 06:55 (UTC-0)>
- Once in a Lifetime package numbers were not being displayed properly in certain screen resolutions.
- Some of [Dark] Mei Ling's effects were not playing as intended.

[Fixed Issues ]
- After recruiting [Dark] Mei Ling, the [Hero's Path] final Artifact Box reward would not yield [Dark] Mei Ling Artifacts.
- The loading screen incorrectly displayed the Birthday Illustration of a Hero.
- The Alchemy Gift page wouldn't reset after collecting the level 7 final gift.
- Errors occured after Lords collected Energy from their mailboxes.
- Alliance chat history was displayed incorrectly.
: These issues will be fixed within today, and we will inform you of the exact maintenance time later.
- Lyn's special [Warrior Artifact] banner disappeared from the Alchemy page.
-The Alliance Raid Hacking Prevention system added alongside the Raid Renewal was malfunctioning and flagging normal gameplay.
: We have improved the Hacking Prevention system to reduce the probabilty of malfunctions.
: We will later announce a compensation plan for Lords who have missed out on rewards due to said malfunctions.

For the Lords that have been inconvenienced by the Alchemy Gift page not resetting,
we will look through the game logs and restore your data in accordance to Alchemy usage.

We apologize for the inconvenience,
and we will try our best for a better game service.

Thank you
GM Varhya.