Greetings, lords
This is GM Lumisade

** The Known Issues are fixed during the server stabilization maintenance.

Please find the known issues after April 20th’s Update.

[ Known Issues ]

◈ Deleting ‘HOT’ tags for New / Returned Heroes

The main purpose of ‘HOT’ tag was to advertise the new heroes, however we came to the conclusion that the tag is giving more inconvenience. So, we are going to remove the tags.

◈ Charlotte / Fram / Johan’s Special Training Event Details

An issue has been found in the event where you have to reach the target level again if you advance to the next mission without claiming the previous rewards.
Please do not forget to claim the reward before advancing to the next mission!
We apologize for not including more detailed information.
We are going to add more detailed information on the event screen as below.

* Please claim 'Raise Level' mission rewards before Promoting Heroes to avoid losing progress!

◈ Charlotte / Fram / Johan’s Special Training Event Network Error Fix

An issue has been found where you experience a network connection error when you try to promote your hero without claiming Level up rewards. We are currently fixing the issue.

◈ Unstable Connection Issue
We are currently investigating the issue.
We will keep you posted via this notice

Thank you
GM Lumisade