Greetings, lords around the world!

The scheduled maintenance is complete.
Now you can log into the game and enjoy your wonderful journey :D

[ Maintenance Schedule ]
- Duration: March 24th (Wed) 04:00 - 08:00 (UTC+0)

◈ Update Summary
▶ Outfit & Style Accessory Item Release
▶ New Hero Release: Mikhail (Earth)
▶Lord of Heroes 1 Year Anniversary - [14 Day Attendance]
▶ Obelisk Season End
> New season start date: April 1st (Thu) 00:00 (Local Time)
▶ Obelisk: Pathfinder Message & The Grand Conqueror Adjustments
▶ System Improvements
▶ Graphic Adjustments
▶ Bug Fixes
▶Boutique - [Ancient Edition] Sales
▶Avillon’s 1st year Anniversary Celebration Event
▶ Lyn’s Alchemy Festival (Fixed Term Event)
▶ Hero Package Sales: Joshua (Water)
▶ 1st Year Anniversary Package Sales
▶ Temporal Threads Package Sales
▶Aurea's Special Coupon
> Please refer to [Update Details]
▶Hero Alchemy - The 1st Avillon Knights
▶Hero Alchemy (Limited Time)
▶Maintenance Compensation: 300 Crystals