Greetings, lords!
This is GM Lumisade!

Have you met the new heroes?!
Schneider (Dark) and Aslan (Fire) have visited Avillon!

In addition, Rouin brought another piece of information regarding the event.

If you ascend the new heroes, Avillon will give your Renown back that was spent to ascend the heroes!

Please refer to the details below!

[ Event Details ]
- Period: March 9th (Tue) after maintenance - April 5th (Mon) 14:59 (UTC+0)
- Details: Ascend either Schneider (Dark) or Aslan (Fire) and receive Renown back!

- Rewards:

▶ Ascension 1: 300,000 Renown!
▶ Ascension 2: 1,000,000 Renown!

[ Bonus from GMs! ]
- To welcome the new heroes, GMs have prepared something for promoting the heroes!

Promoted to 5★: 500 Crystals
Promoted to 6★: Mystic Soulstone x1

* Aslan (Fire): You can acquire a reward only for 6★

[ Event Reward Distribution ]

- 1st Distribution (March 23rd): Lords who have ascended the heroes from March 9th (Tue) after maintenance to March 22nd (Mon)

- 2nd Distribution (April 6th): Lords who have ascended the heroes from March 23rd (Tue) to April 5th (Mon)

** You can receive the rewards for both

ex) If you have ascended both Schneider (Dark) and Aslan (Fire) to [Ascension 1], you will receive 600,000 Renown.

Thank you
GM Lumisade