Greetings, lords!
This is GM Lumisade

As it was announced yesterday, I, GM Lumisade and GM Dakkeon
visited in-game chat channel no.100 and had a Q&A session concerning
the update details which was posted on Feb 17th (Tue).

We have prepared this 'Chat with GM' session to answer the update details.
We had a productive conversation and we were able to receive good opinions
from the lords :)

We appreciate your participation!
If you have missed the chance, don't worry!
We will be having this chat session a day after the update note announcement :D

So, please stay tuned!!

Please find the details for the questions and answers we had :)

Q. Will [Daily Missions] in ‘A picnic with Schneider’ event be hard to clear?
A. Missions will be pretty simple to clear for beginners as well. For example, ‘Complete any battle 5 times’ is one of them.

Q. Any plans to add a new hero hiring feature?
A. As we have been receiving related requests, we are currently looking into various ways to recruit heroes. The detailed plans are not set yet, but we definitely will share the information via patch note when we set solid plans.

Q. What does ‘Zeal Equipment’ do?
A. Equipment set effect ‘Zeal’ will allow your hero to gain an extra turn during a battle within 20% chance. However, the exact stats and details are subject to change upon release.

Q. When ‘Zeal Equipment’ will be released?
A. Equipment set effect ‘Zeal’ was planned to be released on February 23rd. However, we have postponed the release since it requires more balance tests.
We will be able to deliver the news in the 2nd quarter this year if everything goes well.

Q. In ‘Alchemy Festival - Mileage Points’, spending a total of 30,000 Crystals to get all rewards is too much. Will there be any changes?
A. We understand the concern. Please note that we have set the numbers based on an average amount of daily crystal consumption. However, we will be collecting feedback and inquiries and deliver them to the developers for further adjustments.

Q. Are you planning to bring back ‘Alchemy Festival’ again in the future?
A. Yes. We are planning to bring it once a month. However, we are open to various options after collecting detailed data.

Q. The time limit for the Alliance Raid is stressful. Any plans to make it available for 24 hours?
A. We are constantly collecting feedback and play data for future raid improvements.

Q. Will there be a time restriction on the Alliance Raid Practice mode?
A. The current practice mode won’t be accessible if the raid is closed. However, we are discussing more ways to improve the conditions.

Thank you
GM Lumisade & GM Dakkeon