Greetings, lords around the world!
This is GM Lumisade.

Please find the update details for February 23rd (Tue).

(Please note that the update schedule might be changed due to Google / Apple’s app review.)

* We will let you know the fixed date via further notice.
* Please be aware that you cannot play the game during the maintenance.
* New gear option ‘Zeal’ will be added on the next update due to further testing issues.
* Game terms may change during the maintenance.
* Please note that all screenshots were taken from the test server and currently in Korean. We will change the images into English versions soon.

May I have your attention please!
There will be something special this time!
One of our GMs will appear at in-game Chat and discuss the update details. You can ask us the details you want to know regarding the update details. Please refer to the details below

[ Chat time with GM about the update details ]
- Date: Feb 17th (Wed) 01:00 - 01:30 (UTC+0)
- Where?: Chat Channel No.100
* Please note that time and details are subject to change.
* Discussed update details are subject to change during the maintenance.
* Please note that a chat only 200 people can enter a chat channel.
* Please be aware that offensive chats may be banned.

■ Alliance Raid Improvements

1. Practice Mode
“Try out the [Practice] mode and prepare your battle against the boss in advance!”

I. Entering Practice Mode

- You can enter Alliance Raid [Practice] mode from the lobby.
- You can participate in the [Practice] mode after applying for the raid until Saturday, 23:00.
* Please note that the alliance raid start/end time will follow the time zone of the first alliance leader.

II. Select [Practice] mode Difficulty

- Click [Practice] and you can select the boss’s [Elements] and [Level].
- Click [View Details] and you will be able to see the boss’s skill details.
- When you are done, you are able to enter the practice mode.

* [Practice] battles will be proceeded as [Auto Battle] just like normal alliance raids.
* [Practice] mode does not consume Energy, and also you won’t receive rewards.
* [Practice] mode does not affect Alliance Rankings and Element Contributions.

2. Alliance Raid Boss HP Adjustments

- The alliance boss had a fixed amount of HP on every 10 levels. It is true that this level cap was a big wall to certain lords. So, we have made a decision to increase the boss HP gradually.

- The adjustments will be applied on the Alliance Raid season 23 (March 1st).

■ Lyn’s Alchemy Festival (Fixed term event)

“Use Crystals for the Alchemy, accumulate the points and acquire various rewards!”

- Event period: After maintenance - March 12th (Fri) 14:59 (UTC+0)

- Mileage points will be accumulated by consuming crystals for the Alchemy, and based on the accumulated points, you can acquire various rewards.
- Click the reward image and it will be sent to your [Inbox].

* Please note that this is a ‘Fixed term event’. Crystals that were consumed before the event won’t be counted.
* Please be aware that ‘Alchemy Tickets’ will not be counted. Only Crystals will be counted to points.

[Alchemy Festival Rewards]

■ New Event: A Spring Picnic with Schneider

“Schneider is asking you to join him for a spring picnic!”

- Event period: February 24th (Wed) 15:00 - March 9th (Tue) 14:59:59 (UTC +0)
- Event Details: Clear Schneider’s [Daily Missions] and claim various rewards!

1. [Daily Missions]

Daily Missions

- Clear [Daily Missions] everyday and claim various rewards!
* Please be aware that all Daily Missions will be reset at 15:00 (UTC+0)
* Do not forget to claim all the rewards before reset!
* Click the [Get Reward] button and the reward will be sent to your [Inbox].

2. [Daily Bonus]

Daily Bonus

- Clear all [Daily Missions] and you will be able to claim a Random Reward Box!
* Please be aware that the Daily Bonus will be reset at 15:00 (UTC+0)|
* Do not forget to claim all the rewards before reset!
* Click [Get Reward] button and the reward will be sent to your [Inbox].

3. [Accumulated Bonus]

Accumulated Bonus

- Claim various rewards based on how many times you have cleare [Daily Missions]!
* Please note that you can claim the Accumulated Bonus once per account.
* Click the [Get Reward] button and the reward will be sent to your [Inbox].

■ New Triumphs (9 Kinds)

■ Avillon Festival Package Permanent Sales

- The Avillon Festival Package is available at all times.
* The purchase record will be reset at 15:00 (UTC+0) at the end of every month.
* The package includes a total of 5 packages. You must purchase a previous package to open the next one. (ex. Purchase the 2nd package to open the 3rd one)
* Package No.1 - No.4: Can be purchased 1 time
* Package No.5: Can be purchased 5 times.

■ Bug Fixes

- Fixed a bug where a piece of ★6 equipment was displayed abnormally when you tried to claim it from the Inbox.
- Fixed a bug where Nine (Fire)’s burst skill effect was displayed as a Dark element.

■ Balance Adjustment

- Adjusted the rate of Barreta (Water)’s HP recovery on the Obelisk: 37F
> Previous: 100% recovery
> Adjusted: 50% recovery