Greetings, Lords!
This upcoming week, special buffs will be on the Primeval Halls and Story stages!

Also, Mystic Beasts are going to appear even more than normal days throughout the continent, so it is going to be a super noisy and busy weekend! ☺️

[ Weekend Buff ]
◈ Period : 01/30(Sat) 00:00 - 01/31(Sun) 23:59 (LOCAL)
◆ Details : Reduced Energy cost by 20% on every Primeval Halls and Story stages

[ Mystic Beast Appearance Rate UP ]
◈ Period :
01/30(Sat) - 01/31(Sun) Every day at 12:00-14:00 and 20:00-22:00 (LOCAL)
◆ Rate : Appearance of Mystic Beast will be increased! (Normal → High)

[ Please Note ]
- LOCAL is your current location time.
- During the hunt, mystic beasts will occasionally appear in wave 2 of the Story stages and Primeval Halls you've completed. You must have already completed a stage for a mystic beast to appear.
- Be a part of an alliance, you will receive Energies and other bonus rewards from your members.
- Also, you can purchase Energies from the Alliance Shop.
- Buff applies only during the event period.
- Existing equal types of buffs will not be duplicated.

Thank you.