Greetings, lords around the world!
Login during the event period and active daily bonuses!
Make sure to check-in everyday and acquire Fram(Fire) on the 14th day!

■ Holiday Login Event
- Activate Period : 2020.12.23(Wed) 12:00 - 2021.01.06(Wed) 23:59 (LOCAL)
- Must activate the Holiday calendar within the activate period.
- Activated calendar will stay until 21 days after the activation.

Ex) If you activate on January 3rd, the calendar will end after January 23rd (LOCAL).
** Event calendar can be found at the top right corner screen in the lobby.
** LOCAL time is your location(country) time, which was set when you
created your account.
** If you close the app after the date is changed without any action in the lobby, the calendar will not be checked.

■ New Hero Alchemy

- Hero: Fram (Fire) (Guardian)
- Period: 2020.12.23(Wed) 03:00 - 2021.01.31(Sun) 14:59 (UTC+0)