Greetings, lords around the world!

Did you know that November 19th is
[The World Day for Prevention of Child Abuse],
established by WWSF (Women’s World Summit Foundation)?

According to the report, the number of child abuse is increasing every year.
We kindly would like to ask you to share this post with others
and let other people know about the meaning of the day.

Among participants, we will draw 30 lords, and give out the official merchandise produced by ‘Good Neighbors’.
(Good Neighbors is an international humanitarian development NGO founded in Korea in 1991 to make the world a place without hunger, where people live together in harmony.)

More details can be found here : [ Good Neighbors ]

[ Event Details ]
◆ Event Period
- November 12th (Thu) - November 19th (Thu) 14:59 (UTC+0)

◆ How to participate

1. Read this post!
2. Share the post with others!
3. Take a screenshot of the shared post and follow the link to participate in the event!

[ Event Link ]

◈ Rewards
- Participation Reward : Elixirs x30
- Special Reward (30 Players) : Good Neighbours Merchandise (A Pouch, A Diary )

* You can obtain the reward only once per account.
* Participation rewards will be sent to your [Inbox] after the event.

Thank you
GM Lumisade