▶ 11/20(Fri) 06:23 - The event period has been extended until 11/27(Fri) 14:59 (UTC+0).

[ Event Details ]
◈ Period : 11/12(Thu) 15:00 - 11/27(Fri) 14:59 (UTC+0)

Greetings, Lords!

Starting from Nov. 12, mystic beast [GRONDAL] will be sighted around the Avillon!

Defeat them to get hunting medals that you can exchange for a plethora of rewards at the special shop!

※ Starting from this event, Mystic beasts will also appear in the Primeval Halls along with the story regions.

[ Event Details ]
◈ Period : 11/12(Thu) 15:00 - 11/23(Mon) 14:59 (UTC+0)
◆ Special Shop : Until 11/25(Wed) 14:59 (UTC+0)

[ Joint Hunting Rewards ]

[ Special Shop List ]

※ More details about the hunt can be found at the event page.
※ Mystic Beast Hunt Info
- During the hunt, mystic beasts will occasionally appear in wave 2 of Story stages and Primeval Halls you've completed. You must have already completed a stage for a mystic beast to appear,
- When you defeat a mystic beast, you will receive hunting medals that can be used at the special shop.
- You will be awarded with more hunting medals for defeating light- and dark-elemental beasts.
- The shop's lineup will change depending on the mystic beast that is being hunted.
- Any unused medals will automatically be converted to 500 gold for each.
- Previous mystic beast hunting medals cannot be used during this hunting period.