Greetings, Lords!

This is an announcement to guide you through the upcoming 10/22(Thu) update details. Please check out the details below for more information.
* Confirmed update schedule will be notified through additional notice.
* Update details are subject to change.

■ Hard Story Open ‘Light, and Darkness’

- New Hard stories will be added in every language.
ㆍEnglish, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Italian, Russian.

■ Obelisk Balance Adjustments

- Changed skill cooldown of the Obelisk 9th floor boss Krom(Fire).
ㆍPrevious : 0 turn
ㆍChanged : 4 turns
- Changed number of enemies appear in the Obelisk 12th floor 3rd round.
ㆍPrevious : 6
ㆍChanged : 5
- Removed passive skill of the Obelisk 19th, 21st, 23rd floor boss Rosanna(Fire), Aslan(Earth), and Alev(Fire).
ㆍPrevious : Tenacity (Immune to all action-inhibiting effects except provocation and abilities that lengthen skill cooldown times. This skill cannot be removed or transferred.)
ㆍChanged : Passive skill removed
- Changed the number of Helga that appear in the Obelisk 19th floor 2nd round.
ㆍPrevious : Max 5
ㆍChanged : 1
- Changed the number of enemies that appear in the Obelisk 19th floor 3rd round.
ㆍPrevious : 6
ㆍChanged : 5
- Increased burst skill cooldown and decreased health leech rate of the Obelisk 22th floor boss Solphi(Water).
ㆍPrevious : Cooldown 0 Turn
ㆍChanged : Cooldown 4 Turn
- The 'Tenacity' passive skills of all heroes appear next to the boss in below the 27th floor of the Obelisk has been removed.

■ Bug Fixes

- Fixed boss’ visual issues in the Obelisk 10th, 12th floor.
- Changed certain boss’ body size.
- Fixed an issue with completing the last Google Achievement.
ㆍChapter 8. Free Gallus Empire (East)
- Fixed an issue with Lucilicca’s Burst skill effect and victory scene in the Obelisk.
- Unable to activate assists in the Obelisk has been fixed.
- An issue with not being able to change the Alliance notice has been fixed.