◆ Hero : Solphi(Light)
◆ Rank : ★★★★★
◆ Position : Warrior
◆ Basic Stats : HP 3,472 / Attack 413 / Defense 372 / Speed 101

A brilliant arcanist whose greatest goal in life is the acquisition of all knowledge. She has a great interest in creating things. Solphi may appear to be calm and gentle, but in reality she has an utter lack of interest in others. She does not seem to feel the necessity to maintain social relationships. Trying to force her to change her personality won’t get you very far, but perhaps she could change if the very roots of her ability to wield abnormally powerful magic.

◆ Solphi(Light) Skills

◆ Hero : Solphi(Water)
◆ Rank : ★★★★
◆ Position : Striker
◆ Basic Stats : HP 1,701 / Attack 295 / Defense 200 / Speed 110

An arcanist with an insatiable appetite for learning. While pursuit of knowledge is generally a good thing, she sometimes uses the people around her and even herself as subject for her experiments, a tendency that may be related to the unusual way she came into being. Her patience and tenacity could quickly take her to great heights, but she will require some help along the way and must be taught to rest properly, else a hidden (and very dangerous) side of her may show itself. She needs a friend to chat and laugh with.

◆ Solphi(Water) Skills