◆ Hero : Alev(Earth)
◆ Rank : ★★★★★
◆ Position : Guardian
◆ Basic Stats : HP 4,502 / Attack 314 / Defense 388 / Speed 102
※ Can be obtained by completing 7th/8th Hero’s Contract.

Many bands of mercenaries call Letiakus home, but none are as prominent as the Emerald Lions. The account of their assault on Mistrath Fortress, a stronghold once thought to be impregnable that they conquered in a single night with not twenty soldiers, is oft retold with reverence. Their leader Alev always thinks of others before herself and takes care of her people. Of her it is said, “The western continent may have the fiery Daybringer, but the central continent boasts the Emerald Lioness.”

◆ Alev(Earth) Skills

◆ Hero : Walther(Water)
◆ Rank : ★★★★★
◆ Position : Striker
◆ Basic Stats : HP 3,063 / Attack 515 / Defense 335 / Speed 104
※ Can be obtained by completing 7th/8th Hero’s Contract.

A die-hard romanticist who values feelings and ideals over all else. Age usually affects everyone equally, and the ardor of youth is said to be exchanged for the wisdom of age as the years pass. However, Walther seems to have gained his wisdom without any such exchange; he is experienced, confident, energetic, and has a voice that can melt hearts. Should you wish to meet him, he can be found on the beaches of Valento. He is welcoming to all who are friendly to him, but beware not to become rude or impolite-Walther can become very scary when he’s angry.

◆ Walther(Water) Skills

◆ Hero : Lumie(Fire)
◆ Rank : ★★★★★
◆ Position : Shooter
◆ Basic Stats : HP 3,745 / Attack 394 / Defense 366 / Speed 108
※ Can be obtained by completing 7th/8th Hero’s Contract.

There is an ancient legend known among the residents of the Philmore Mountains that speaks of a crimson snowfield at the peak of the highest mountain top. This legend states that anyone who can reach that snowfield will gain the power to control the cold, including snowstorms-a tempting offer to those who must constantly endure the elements in the mountains. However, few souls ever attempt the journey, for not only is the mountain rugged, but the legend states that a fearsome guardian protects the snowfield. Unbeknownst to the world at large is that the guardian, who is also the field’s original owner, is not in fact fearsome, but leads a lonely life after having been unjustly banished from her village.

◆ Lumie(Fire) Skill