Greetings, Lords!

This is an announcement to guide you through the upcoming 09/22(Tue) update details.
Please check out the details below for more information.

* Confirmed update schedule will be notified through additional notice.
* Update details are subject to change.

▶Alliance Raid Ranking

- From the 16th week Alliance Raid (09/28), the Korean and Global ranking table will be separated.
- Every alliance will be placed in the Korean or Global ranking depending on the current alliance leader’s residing country. (If the leader is in the United States time zone, the alliance will be placed in the Global ranking board.)

▶Language Settings

- Chatting channels will be separated by in-game language settings.
- Avillon News and Hero Rating board will also be separated by in-game language settings.

■ Added Citadel Day/ Sunset / Night Changes

■ New Hero’s Contract Rotation

▶New Heroes await you.

- Alev(Earth) (★5/Guardian), Walter(Water) (★5/Striker), Lumie(Fire) (★5/Shooter)
- Above heroes will be added in the [Chronicles].
- Above heroes can be recruited by fulfilling the hero's contract.
- Must complete the 6th hero’s contract to begin this hero contract rotation
(7th and 8th Contract).

▶What is a Hero’s Contract?

- Hero’s Contract is the way to earn heroes by signing the contract.
- Every contract requires you to log into the game for consecutive days depending on the contract.
- Every contract rotation will ask you to sign with 2 out of 3 heroes.
- Once you have completed the contract with 2 heroes, the next rotation will appear.

[ Hero’s Contract Rotation ]

- 1st Contract Rotation:  Krom(Water), Lairei(Fire), Lucilicca(Earth)
- 2nd Contract Rotation: Lumie(Water), Alev(Fire), Walther(Earth)
- 3rd Contract Rotation: Lucilicca(Water), Krom(Fire), Lairei(Earth)
- 4th Contract Rotation: Walther(Water), Lumie(Fire), Alev(Earth)

■ Mei Ling Ascension Unlocked

▶ Mei Ling (Earth) and (Light) ascension will be fully unlocked.
- She could now fully unlock her true potential!

■ System and Other Improvements

▶[Inventory] slots will expand from 400 to 500.

▶Adjusted damage preview in the Hall of Treasure / Hall of Experience
- Increased damage stats in the stage preview to match the actual stage difficulty.

* Only the displayed damage will change, and the stage difficulty will not be affected.

■ New Packages Sales- Aslan (Earth) Package

Aslan (Earth) Special Package

- Period: After maintenance ~ 10/31(Sat) 14:59 (UTC+0)
- Description: A package including Alsan (Earth) and various rewards that you can obtain based on your level

* The package can be on resale and the detailed components can be changed.
* The hero and items (currency and more) can be included in other packages and events.
* You can acquire the rewards via your Inbox upon purchase.
* If you did not get the package even after the purchase, please restart the app several times.

■ New Hero Alchemy

- Heroes: Mei Ling(Fire) / Fram(Water) / Olivia(Earth) / Aslan(Earth)
- Period: 09/22(Tue) after maintenance - 10/31(Sat) 14:59 (UTC+0)

■ Inbox Ad Reward Change

- Inbox ad reward will appear every day at 8 PM (LOCAL).
- Rewards will be various items such as Elixirs, Gold, and Energy.
- Ad reward will be valid for 24 hours.

■ Bug Fixes

- Fixed the background scene when Renewing the Hero’s Contract.
- Fixed the certain Alliance Raid Boss’ skill description.
- Fixed the oversized wording issue.
- Fixed certain heroes’ place of origin in the [Chronicles].