◆ Hero : Fram(Fire)|
◈ Rank : ★★★★
◆ Position : Guardian
◈ Stats : HP 2,632 / Attack 162 / Defense 238 / Speed 97
◆ VO : Kwak Kyu-Mi

Very few people in the world are welcoming to mercenaries, save for perhaps
the occasional noble who must quickly bolster their forces on account of getting themselves into a sticky territorial dispute. The battlefields that mercenaries seek out are rarely stages for virtue or momentous occasions, and it is only natural
that those whose profession relies on the despair and pain of others would be unwelcome by the general populace. It doesn't help that most mercenaries
are coarse and rude, either.

The "Daybringer" is no different in some ways, having been called "coarse"
and "rude" in her day, albeit mostly by titled aristocrats. She also exchanges her services for the safety of others. But that is where the similarities end between
her and your average mercenary.
She is a mercenary who is loyal and true, who never plunders, who fights on the front lines to protect her allies, and who is patient.
Such mercenaries are rarely found outside the central continent, home to Dakkeon, and indeed her character alone is reason enough for her to be famous.

◆ Fram(Fire) Skills