Greetings, lords
This is GM Lumisade.

The scheduled maintenance is completed.
Now you can log into the game.

It requires over 700MB updates. We suggest you stay connected to Wi-fi while updating the game

[Maintenance Duration]
- December 15th (Tue) 04:00 - 09:00 (UTC+0)

[ Maintenance Summary ]

Update Summary
- Story Related Adjustments
- New Gear Set Option: Bulwark
- Burst Skill Quote System
- Holiday Theme Citadel
- System Improvements and Adjustments
- Bug Fixes
- Lord Appearance Customization Release (Hairstyle, Hair color, Skin tone only)
- New Package Release: Once in a Lifetime Package
- Package Sales Period Adjustments
- Energy 20% Discount Buff Event
- New Alchemy: Nine (Dark)
- Hero Alchemy Restart: Helga (Water) / Johan (Light)
- Maintenance Compensation: 300 Crystals

Thank you
GM Lumisade