Greetings, lords around the world.
This is the Director. Yoon.

How is your 2021 going so far?!
We understand a number of people had to stay at home due to Covid-19 since last year. We strongly believe that we can cope with these difficult times and get back to normal this year.

We developers have been focusing on the solutions for intermittent crash issues with Android OS ver. 11 since last December, and finally we have great news!

The new update will be uploaded on Google Play Store this week, and you will no longer experience crashes during game play which happened due to incompatibility between the game and Unity engine.

In addition, we kindly would like to ask you to wait with patience about the delayed content updates since we are currently focusing on solving Android.11 issues. However, we brought you detailed plans regarding upcoming content updates.

Let’s take a look at them, shall we?

(Please note that the content names are subject to change.)

1. Square of Freedom
We are planning to introduce a [Square] where you can meet about 30 other lords at a certain time and place. It’s not a big place, but you will be able to control your character around manually, so it would be a great opportunity to get to know each other and communicate with others.

Plus, we will add more features to the place based on your needs.

2. Medal of Honor
You have participated in various content to complete a variety of achievements so far, such as hero transcendence, hero ascension, alliance raids, Obelisk and other events.
We are currently making adjustments on the Lord Info window, which will have you acquire a Medal of Honor for each achievement, decorate and show them to other lords.

3. 28 Days of Journey
After the 10th hero contract rotation, a new attendance board entitled ‘28 Days of Journey’ will be introduced. This content will not include hero contracts. However, attendance rewards such as Renown, Equipment will be buffed. There will be no penalties even if you miss the attendance, but there will be a bonus upon consecutive attendance checks.

In addition, you will be able to obtain a [Special Emoticon] that can be used in chats once you complete 28 days of attendance.

4. [Striker] class Artifact Adjustments
So as to make [Pierce] sets more utilizable, we are planning to make adjustments.
The damage will be nerfed but you will be able to get the set effect even with 2 sets.
Plus, we are also planning to add a new Artifact for [Striker] class.

5. Battle Formation Adjustments
The main purpose of the battle formations was to make you utilize various formations in various battles. However, we have found that most lords were using ‘Burst Formation’. To balance the usage of the battle formations, we are currently reviewing various angles to nerf Burst Formation a bit and buff Attack / Defense formation a lot.

6. Costume Release
We are preparing stylish hero costumes.
You will be able to decorate your hero by applying 1 costume and 1 accessory.
Since we cannot develop too many costumes at the same time, we would like to ask you to understand that Avillon knights will get their costumes first. Costumes will be purchasable by using paid currency and Costumes will be released based on seasoned themes, such as Ancient, Uniforms, Casuals.

7. Extreme Story Part I Release
The Extreme Story Part I for all languages is on its way.
Since our goal is to deliver the highest quality of story localized in different languages, it will be released during the 1st quarter of 2021. You can look forward to an amazing journey of Avillon Knights!

Along with the update, we are currently preparing the pre-registration for Japanese market. Japanese character voice recordings are in progress, so you also can look forward to it!

Since Covid-19 has changed the working environment, we will try to avoid making a tight release schedule, but we will try our best to introduce new heroes, find ways for you to recruit heroes and make other adjustments.

Thank you