▶ 12/14(Mon) 01:35 (UTC+0) : Extreme mode change details added
▶ 12/14(Mon) 10:00 (UTC+0) : Fixed energy discount buff event period and Once in a Lifetime Package screenshot

Greetings, Lords!

This is an announcement to guide you through the upcoming 12/15(Tue) update details. Please check out the details below for more information.

* Please note that the maintenance schedule and update details are subject to change due to Google / Apple app review results.
* We will let you know via another notice when the schedule is set.
* Please be aware that you cannot log into the game during the maintenance.
* All screenshots were taken from the test server.

■ Story Related Adjustments
- New Extreme mode Royal Path will be added.
- New areas will be added for the Extreme mode Expeditions.
- The Extreme mode stage rewards and difficulty will be adjusted.
- Story (Extreme mode) play progress reset and condition adjustments.
> Mei Ling (Light) can be acquired by clearing Obelisk 20F. (Regardless which medal you achieve)
> The Extreme mode clear progress will be reset
> The Extreme mode Royal Path progress will be reset as of Chapter.17

■ New Gear Set Option - Bulwark

- New Guardian Artifact will be added with the ‘Bulwark’ effect: [Ahilam] set.
> 4 Set Effect: Ally Damage Taken -15%. (The effect cannot be stacked)
- The Artifacts consist of 6★ only. You can acquire them via Alchemy drop.

■ Burst Skill Quote System
- You will be able to see a quote when your hero casts a burst skill!

- You can ON/OFF the quotes via [Settings].

■ Holiday Theme Citadel
“Holiday will come to Avillon as well!”
- Period: After maintenance - 2021.01.20 (Wed) 09:00 (UTC+0)

■ System Improvements & Adjustments
- Passive effect icons are added to the Class Artifact sets.

- Chat / Nickname filter adjustments

■ Bug Fixes
- Fixed a bug where sometimes Coliseum defense records were not displayed.
- Fixed a bug where you couldn’t continue the Alchemy tutorial with broken graphics.
- Fixed a bug where the Alliance rankings were displayed abnormally when not in the Alliance Raid.
- Fixed a bug where sometimes Alliance Raid Monster’s max HP was not displayed in the lobby.
- Fixed a bug where Hero Awaken Info > Hero Icons being displayed abnormally.
- Fixed a bug where sometimes the battle had no response at 2-5 (Extreme).
- Fixed a bug where characters were overlaid during the Grand Alchemy.
- Fixed a bug where the name of the gears was displayed abnormally at the system message window.
- Fixed a bug where Obelisk clear messages were displayed multiple times at the chat window.
- Fixed a bug when a buff ‘Leech’ is immune to the debuff ‘Wither’ effect.
- Fixed a bug where sometimes Lucilicca’s burst skill and victory motions were displayed abnormally.
- Fixed a bug where ‘Health Regeneration’ effect being replaced instead of being stacked when the new Health Regeneration effect is casted.
- Fixed a bug where 2 quotes were missing for Walther (Earth) and Walther (Water).
- Fixed a bug where you were receiving the same push notifications over and over again.
- Revised mistranslated burst skill information for Barreta (Fire) (DE only)
- Revised mistranslated burst skill information for Alev (Fire) (EN only)

■ Lord Appearance Customization Release

- An item which will enable you to re-customize the lord’s Hair style, Hair Color, Skin Tone.
- You can use the item via [Lord Info].

- Period: After maintenance - 2021.12.31 (Thu) 14:59:59 (UTC+0)

* This item can be purchased only ONCE per account.
* Please be aware that you CANNOT change the gender.

■ New Package: Once in a Lifetime Package

- Period: After maintenance -
- You can purchase the package from Lord Lv.4 - Lv.20 by reaching a certain level at a reasonable price.
- If your Lord level has surpassed the required level, you can purchase the packages right away after the maintenance.
ex) Lord Lv.34 before the maintenance -> You can purchase Lv. 4 / 10 / 20 packages.

* The packages can be purchased only once per account.
* The packages can be purchased within 72 hours after you open the package.

■ Package Sales Period Adjustment
- Avillon Festival Package sales period will be adjusted from ‘Permanent’ to ‘Limited Time’ sales from December 31st (Thu) 03:00 (UTC+0)
> The previous purchase record will be reset on December 31st (Thu) 12:00 (Local Time)
- Monthly package purchase reset time will be changed.

▶ Previous: 00:00 every 1st day of the month. (Local Time)
▶ Changed: 12:00 every last day of the month. (Local Time)

> Monthly Package: Fledgling Monarch’ Pack / Advancing Monarch’s Pack / Triumphant Monarch’s Pack, Skill Upgrade Pack, Monthly purchasable items in Alliance Shop.

■ Energy 20% Discount Buff Event
- Period: December 24th (Fri) 00:00 - December 27th (Sun) 24:00 (Local time)
- Period: January 1st, 2021 (Fri) 00:00 - January 3rd (Sun) 24:00 (Local time)
- Details: 20% Energy discount for 24 hours for all scenario stages, hall stages.

* Buff effect will be applied based on ‘Local timezone’. It will follow the initial timezone (The timezone when you have created your account for the first time).

Thank you
GM Lumisade